Top 10 extreme and most deadly sports in the world | 2019

Extreme sports are all about emotion and passion. For some people, it is pure fun, and for others, it is to test the limits of what is humanly possible.

In any grade, extreme sports have a surprise factor, giving them a unique sense of appeal. Here is the complete list of extreme sports, listed from intense to absolute madness

Top 10 Extreme Sports in the world

Base Jump

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This extreme sport is a variant of skydiving. Instead of jumping from a small plane running at 4000 meters high, the jump is made from fixed places such as cliffs, skyscrapers or large monuments. Obviously, the height is much lower and there is less room to light the parachute.

Base Jump is considered as the most extreme sports, Here death rate is 1 in 2,300 jumps. It is estimated that in the last 30 years about 170 people have lost their lives performing Base Jump


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Skydiving consists of jumping from a plane at a distance of 4000 meters, descending in free fall for a minute, then deploying the parachute and planning to the ground. Those who practice it ensure that it is the strongest sensation they have lived in their lives.

The mortality rate of this sport is 1 in 75,000 jumps.

Mountain Climbing

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This sport consists of ascending over mountainous walls of great slope using only the physical and mental strength of the athlete, although safety elements are used to prevent the person from suffering damage from possible falls.

free  Climbing is the riskiest since there is no help or support or harness. If you slip or fall, the only thing that prevents you from falling to the bottom is your safety rope and the clips anchored in the rock.

The mortality rate of this sport is 1 in 320,000 climbs

Bungee jumping

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The name of this sport says it all since all you have to do is jump from a vacuum bridge. This extreme sport is suitable only for the brave since not everyone is able to jump on their own from a bridge even if it is held with a sturdy rope.


Surfing consists of sliding through the waves with the only help of a board on which you have to stand. Surfing waves can reach more than two meters in height, and each of the waves is called in a way according to its shape.

The objective is to slide and take turns in a wave standing on a board.


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Skiing is a mountain sport that consists of snow sliding, by means of two boards attached to the sole of the skier’s boots by means of mechanical fasteners. .As any sport where there is the speed of movement has its risks 

The mortality rate of this sport is 1 in 1,556,757 visits

 River Rafting

This sport consists of crossing rivers of turbulent waters on a raft. The degree of risk depends mainly on the type of river where it is practiced, since there are from flat waters, where there is hardly any turbulence, to very turbulent waters with swirls and dangerous waterfalls.


extreme sports paragliding

Running on a hill and jumping when you reach the end of the side to fly is what you experience when you practice paragliding. During the flight, they are looking for hot springs to ascend and prolong the duration of the flight. Once the flight is lifted, pirouettes can be done to increase the adrenaline.


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With the freeride, mountain bikers cross a hill or a cliff that is considered essentially non-navigable. There are no established courses or rules; It has just reached the bottom with the most spectacular driving skills that one can exhibit. Integral helmets are definitely necessary for this sport.

ICE Climbing

Expand massive ice formations in either frozen waterfalls or snow-capped mountains. Ice climbing opens up to all kinds of risks, broken pieces of ice, avalanches, even falling into a cold death.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

We have seen the top 10 extreme sports in the world. Which one do you like the most? Or is there any other sport which you want to be included in the list. The list will be updated on a regular basis.

If you have any queries reading this post. Please comment  below, and I will be glad to answer them

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