How to swim for longer,better and faster?

When we talk about swim for a longer time, most swimmers always try to increase the distance he travels in training in an exaggerated way without any planning results in feeling fatigued and, in the worst case, getting injured

There is no relation between training more and improving performance. Not for swimming more time each day increases the swimming distance. To swim more distance or at longer intervals, all you need is to train properly, with a properly structured training plan.

swim for long


Top 5 tips to swim for longer

Lesser the strokes of swimming

Try to swim each length with fewer strokes than you are used to. Your strength will improve by being able to move your body with fewer movements. In addition, your technique will be favored because of getting better support in each movement. Count strokes and reduce their number in the same space.

Set the proper duration of training

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid an excessive increase in the time you spend swimming from one week to another. Do not go swimming 1 hour to 3 hours, because doing this your body does not ingest the training, does not improve and also greatly increases the risk of injury. To avoid it, week after week do 20 or 30 more minutes is maximum, always taking into account the distance in which you will compete.

Perform Aerobic Workouts

If you want to swim for longer, you should include long workouts at a fast speed. These pool workouts allow you to move faster over a prolonged interval. But, to include this type of training to your routine, you must have a good aerobic base and the only way to get it is by swimming long and slow.

Control your Breathe

Your muscles need oxygen. This is pure biology, so you have to accept it and adapt if you want to achieve success in long-distance swimming. There are three basic rules that combined will help you breathe while swimming properly and without getting married on the tours:

  1. Keep your face in the water: We know it can be awkward at first, but it is essential. When swimming with your head up, your hips and legs will sink deeper underwater and you will lose body position.
  2. Exhale underwater: This is the most common mistake among beginner swimmers, exhale and inhale quickly when they raise their heads to breathe. This gives you little oxygen since holding your breath underwater does not help you. The correct way is to breathe while turning your head and exhale with your head already in the water using your nose and mouth.
  3. One-sided breathing: For long distances and for any hard swimming session, the way forward is a unilateral breathing pattern that gives you a good rhythm and a good flow of oxygen. What must be taken into account is the slight body imbalance that you must correct when you breathe only on one side.

Train your legs

Improve the strength in the legs and not modify the correct coordination when swimming. Remember it is ideal to have 6 leg shakes every 2 strokes. Train them with a board, arms stretched out and resting your hands on the board, to eliminate the work of the upper body and concentrate it on the legs.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

We have seen the top 5 ways to improve swimming. Which one do you like the most? Or is there any other way that you want to be included in the list. The list will be updated on a regular basis.

If you have any queries reading this post. Please comment  below, and I will be glad to answer them

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