Benefits and side effects of Bhramari pranayama with its contradictions

Bhramari pranayama has tremendous benefits on Mental and Physical health. Learn how to do Bhramari Pranayama with proper steps guide for beginners
Although bhramari pranayama has lots of benefits but it might not be suitable for some specific body type in this article i will tell you
Benefits and side effects of Bhramari pranayama with its contradictions

Bhramari Pranayama Meaning

Bhramari, also known as bee breathing, is one of the breathing exercises that are part of  Pranayama (the art of breathing control, within the tradition of Yoga). The technique is called the bee’s breath because, during exhalation, the performer must pronounce the mantra OM, with his mouth shut, which produces a sound similar to a buzzing sound.

Focusing on the buzz, generated during the bee’s breath, decreases mental noise (confusion) and allows the individual to relax, relieving the aftermath of negative emotions and feelings (stress, anxiety, depression, anger).

In general, bee breathing can be performed by anyone, except for patients with ear infections (otitis). The exercise should always be performed in a sitting position, and without forcing the lung capacity.

Benefits of Bhramari pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama has  no contraindications, but you should not force your lungs, or practice lying on your back. Within a sequence of pranayama, Bharamari has performed after Kapalabhati and Nadi Shodhana pranayama , and immediately before meditation.

Top Benefits of Bhramari pranayama are as follows:-

  • Eliminates anxiety: – Buzzing noise produced in the Bhramari soothes the mind and make it feel relaxed
  • Lowers Blood Pressure:-  It is helpful for patients with high blood pressure
  • Stimulates the nervous system. : –This breathing technique can give you very pleasant sensations thanks to the vibrations. Practice it and you will fill your brain with calm and well-being.
  • Muscle relaxation:- It relaxes the abdominal  muscles
  • Useful in Pregnancy:- It can be useful in preparation for childbirth or during childbirth.
  • Cures Insomnia:-  It helps in sleep better
  • Cures Thyroid:- Its useful for patients with a thyroid disorder
  • Increase Concentration:-  Focuses on the buzzing sound produced in the pranayama increases the concentration

Side effects of Bharamari Pranayama

  • It is not advisable to do if you have hearing disorders
  • If not done correctly it might affect the lungs
  • If not done correctly it may cause abdominal disorders

What’s Next

Final Words

So we have reviewed the Benefits and side effects of Bhramari pranayama , As in all Pranayama exercises, Brahmani breathing contains different levels of difficulty, which will be experienced by the practitioner as he advances in the discipline. The supervision of qualified instructors is a must for beginners to make sure there are no side effects


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