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Yoga poses for powerlifters. If you are one of those who go to the gym to do strength training, surely you have not considered entering a yoga class. But you will be surprised to know that this sport discipline can improve your weightlifting technique, postural alignment and protect back from injury.

Yoga began in India around the year 3000 BC. C. as a practice to find harmony between mind and body. In the thousands of years since then, the exercise has evolved and has branched out into many new styles that can benefit almost all people and all bodies, and they are applied in more areas outside the study.

The many health benefits of yoga far outweigh the common mistake of thinking that it is nothing more than a routine of stretching. Regular practice can help improve the strength and flexibility of the musculoskeletal system while focusing on the cardiovascular system and helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. A class of Vinyasa, for example, will work all your muscles, including those essential for the posture and movement of the core , hips and shoulders, while increasing circulation and testing your balance and flexibility.we will see the best yoga for strength training for toning muscles not only for flexibility


How Yoga Helps in Strength Training for powerlifters

How do these positions apply to heavy lifting? Lifting weights above the head requires the participation of multiple muscles in the shoulders and surrounding areas to achieve strength and functionality. It also requires good mobility of the thoracic spine.

To raise the arms above the head, the shoulder blades (or scapulae) should turn up and allow the arm in the shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) to rotate smoothly and painlessly. Many structures, such as the biceps tendons, can become pinched and inflamed if this movement is impeded.

Doing exercises that challenge the muscles of the upper back and shoulders and, at the same time, improve postural alignment is essential for healthy and safe movement, especially as more weight is added to those lifts.

So before thinking that you are too manly to salute the sun, go to a yoga class and observe how strong you feel after a few warm-up sequences. You will be surprised at what the mere fact of using only your body weight and a yoga mat can do for your body.


Yoga poses for powerlifters to lift weight better

If you’re not sure where to start, try incorporating these 5 classic postures (no flexibility required) in your strength training plan to lift weights more safely.

Chair posture

This is a fantastic yoga posture to activate the thoracic extensors and lower trapezius muscles, important for postural alignment and shoulder stability. It also incorporates a squat, aimed at all the important muscles of the hips. If you look closely, it will remind you of the position in which you put on when you start, load and send.

This posture is good because it activates the scapular muscles and you focus on the thoracic extension while connecting the body with the earth with the feet and stabilizing the hips. Try to maintain this posture for 30 seconds (without any weight) and you will see why you need it.

Dog upside down

Possibly the best-known yoga pose, the upside-down dog is a classic for many reasons. This posture also requires that the arms are raised, activating the muscles that rise above the head, such as the anterior serratus and the trapezius.

Unlike the posture of the chair, which is an open-chain kinetic exercise of the upper extremities, the upside-down dog is a closed kinetic chair, which creates a neuromuscular component for greater joint stability.

Let’s start doing it  Dog upside down

Dog face up

The dog upside down – with the hands on the floor and the head and chest facing up – requires great depression and scapular retraction; In other words, it involves carrying the shoulder blades back and toward the hips, away from the ears.

By pressing your hands on the floor and raising your chest keeping your shoulder blades down and back, you are freeing your shoulders from the posture they hold all day. This simple movement activates the muscles that will help stabilize the shoulder joint and improve postural alignment when you add weight.

The cobra

The cobra posture is another phenomenal movement to open and stretch the abdominal and pectoral muscles while mobilizing the thoracic spine. It is slightly more grounded than the dog on its back but activates all the same muscles in a position that can be maintained a little more.

The warrior III

The Warrior III posture works the shoulders and the core and incorporates the added difficulty of maintaining balance.

Although most likely you are incorporated on both feet when lifting weights, having that stability can further improve your base when preparing to lift more weight

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Final Words

We had seen 5 yoga poses for powerlifters. Any weightlifting routine with the upper body needs a good foundation. This posture also incorporates the activation of the thoracic extenders, essential for a strong and healthy lifting.

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