5 common misconceptions and errors you have about yoga for beginners

I would like to say that the most common mistakes in yoga begin with physical asanas, but the truth is that most of these begin in the mind. Many times we think that yoga is just how we perform a posture when in reality the work really happens within us. Let’s see in detail some common misconception which beginners usually have when they are starting yoga or which stops them to do yoga


Common misconceptions  you have about yoga

You aren’t flexible so you can’t do yoga

You don’t know the times that I listen to people who tell me that you can’t do yoga because they can’t even touch their toes. If you have not been a physically active person in the last years of your life, you probably won’t be able to do it when you start practicing yoga. This is normal and anyway it is also the reason to do yoga.

 Touching your toes may seem difficult for many people, but it is also one of the things you will start doing when you regularly practice yoga. Remember that nobody starts the practice as a teacher, and if you are, it is because you have already acquired certain skills in other sports that have made the physical practice of asanas easier. 

Do not be discouraged, everyone goes their own way. We can start at different points, but in the end, the practice will always be for everyone.

Compare yourself to others
Sometimes we are wrong thinking that yoga is a competitive sport. You get to yoga class and you easily get discouraged watching the level of your classmates.

Remember, you are a beginner! It is normal for other yogis to have a more advanced practice than you, especially if they have been doing so for a long time. You will only be a beginner when you start, so enjoy the trip. In other cases, you may have been practicing for a while and start competing with your classmates, wanting to be “better” than them. 

It is also a mentality that we should avoid. It is our ego speaking, and we want to reach a level where we do not feed this ego. We have to allow ourselves to understand that we are all the same. Although your practice may be more advanced than others, it does not mean that you are better or better than others.

Go beyond your limit
With all the popular Instagram accounts, we have a lot of input on how our yoga practice should be. We would all like to touch our head in the scorpion posture or lift our leg in the raven posture, but everything comes with practice, time and dedication.

 Do not force yourself to do more than you are capable of. This is how you end up getting injured: when you start to force yourself into positions for which you are not ready yet. Enjoy the process, there is no way to do it fast.

Set limits on your abilities

Some people try to force themselves too much and others directly put barriers in believing that only one point can be reached. Your mental power is stronger than you think. 

If you believe that there is something that is not possible, surely it will never be. If you think it is possible, you will see yourself doing things that at some point you dreamed of doing.

 Like everything else in this life, we need balance: we can go too fast or we can fall behind thinking that we are not enough. Keeping an open mind while listening to your body is the best we can do during our practice.

Do not breathe

Breathing is the key factor in our yoga practice. It is what differentiates yoga from any other form of exercise. Listen to your teacher when he inhales and exhales. It is normal for many beginners to believe that they are breathing well (why not? We need to breathe to live and obviously I am breathing, right?) But understanding the real breathing Ujayyi takes a bit. Not only is it difficult for beginners, but also for some advanced practitioners. Breathing is what builds and stimulates the fluidity of our vital energy, our prana. It is what keeps us in the present moment. So, during your next yoga practice, be aware of your breathing. Give it the importance it deserves and you’ll see how it will take you to another level.

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Final Words

We had seen 5 common misconceptions and errors beginners have during yoga. You have to know that you are not alone and that many people are often wrong in the same way as you. Just do well and have fun

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